Life Story Part 2: The Best Friend

Four years ago I moved to Texas to begin a new life. I created a new business, used all of my savings to create a home for my then three-year old daughter and I. I created a safe little bubble for us to live in and for nine months that went really well. Then friends began bugging me to date. At the time, I thought, “Sure, why not?” After all, it had been over two years since my last relationship, I’d grown a lot and was in a place where I was happy with my life. I was comfortable being alone. So I started an Eharmony profile.

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Returning to My Roots

Hello Blog, my old friend. It’s been far too long. How long has it been since I created a personal blog for therapeutic purposes? I think the last one was 2005, which would make it about 10 years. I stopped blogging because frankly it started to feel narcissistic and I got tired of talking about myself. Now, I find myself needing it again. There’s some really dark shit inside of me and I need a place to put it, a place to release it. An anonymous place, where I can be free to say what I want – good, bad or indifferent without there being consequences. I also need a place where I can write and get that mental exercise in. I’m a writer, I need to be writing but I need a clean place in my mind to write from.

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