It’s a lazy Sunday, the kids are off playing outside and I can’t seem to stop frickin’ blogging! It’s like someone opened a fire hydrant and all these thoughts keep bursting out of my fingers. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m reading other people’s blogs too.

For example, I visited my newest follower, A Worried Student, and found a post talking about memories from childhood. Well, how could I possibly resist such a delicious and perfect topic? Never one to pass up a good opportunity, here I am.

Childhood Memories I Treasure

1) As a little girl, one of my favorite things to do everyday was to run down to the mailbox and wait for the mailman. This was before email, text messaging and all the current marvels we enjoy today. The bright sunshine, warmth on my skin and the smell of the fresh air were intoxicating.

2) Running. I ran everywhere. I ran to school, jumping over trash cans, recycling bins and small bushes just to feel the strength and power in my limbs. Everywhere I went there was an obstacle course and I was sure I could jump higher and run faster than anyone else. There was something very freeing about it all.

3) Riding my bike. Oh how I loved to go fast. The more wind through my long hair, the better.

4) Summer days spent in the pool or at the beach.

5) Fresh picked fruit. We grew our own oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes. I loved to pick them and eat them right out of the tree.

6) The ice cream truck: There was nothing more fun than stopping at the ice cream truck, conveniently parked outside the school on a shady street and picking out my favorite icy treat for the walk home. Often times it was a red, white and blue popsicle or lemon Italian ice. I also loved ice cream sandwiches and those ice cream cones with nuts on the top and fudge in the bottom of the cone. Yummy! But it didn’t matter what it was as long as it was cold, sweet, and delicious.

7) My grandmother’s cooking: Apple pie. Banana nut bread. Fried chicken. She was the best cook I’ve ever known and to this day those three smells make me think of her every time. It’s been 24 years since she died and I still miss her.

8) Skating at the skating rink. The rock and roll. The flashing disco ball and going around and around in a circle. The air practically sizzled with teenage hormones and budding sexuality.

9) Driving my car on a long road trip for the first time. I was eighteen at the time but even though I was legally an adult, mentally I was still a little girl trying to figure out her place in life. And that first road trip – I blasted the radio and sang along to my favorite songs. I rolled down the windows, put the sunroof back and drove 100 miles an hour down the highway in the middle of the day. I was headed to Florida from Virginia and thrilled to be alive, with my whole life ahead of me. That was freedom!

I suppose no matter what I did, I liked going fast and that hasn’t really changed. I just don’t do it stupidly.

Thanks A Worried Student, for the great post that triggered this short list.


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