Matters of Taste: Fargo

When was the last time a movie, a book, or a television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus? 

My fiancé recommended I sit down and watch the film Fargo with him a couple Saturdays ago. This film was nominated for seven Academy awards and won two, among many other awards. I was willing to be patient for much of the movie up until the goriest section of the movie happened. Steve Buscemi’s face gets splattered and worse. At that point I was done. It triggered my PTSD badly enough I was trembling. The scene was on a vicious loop in my head and I relived the scene 100 times over the next two hours.

Maybe that was why it won awards – the level of realism – but I was horrified. Two weeks later the scene is still vivid. That night I dreamed of being kidnapped by a dragon, my mind’s way of dealing with the horror of it. Why do people subject themselves to this stuff? It boggles me completely.

My fiancé and I debated it later and just decided it was one of those things I just can’t handle. No real explanation other than it is probably due to abuse and PTSD. After having been victimized so many times, extreme violence will trigger me. I have been close to killed about half a dozen times by other people so watching people be mercilessly killed in cold blood isn’t my thing. I can’t really understand why it would be for anyone.

As Achmed the Dead Terrorist would say, “You sick bastards!” lol But to each their own I suppose.


3 thoughts on “Matters of Taste: Fargo

  1. I watched Fargo decades ago and don’t really remember it well. But based on your description, I’d have to agree that it triggered your PTSD. My abuse was never physical so I can’t speak from experience to that but it sounds logical. I usually avoid movies or TV that I know have that sort of thing but sometimes it’s part of a story line and while I don’t enjoy it (I’m usually sitting there with my eyes squeezed shut and my fingers in my ears) I can look past it to the plot. I do NOT recommend you watch The Walking Dead! 😀

    • Janey – Oh I can’t watch anything even remotely spooky or downright scary. Stephen King’s IT gave me nightmares for MONTHS as a kid. I think it was close to a year that I woke up screaming in terror, sure there was a clown under my bed. I STILL get goosebumps when I walk past those street drains. Psycho was the same way. I learned very quickly to stay as far away from horror as I could get. I don’t even like movies that are overly suspenseful and make me jump. It’s pathetic and people laugh at me. The spiders in the Harry Potter movie *shudder* Let’s just say I really get where Ron is coming from! If my fiance hadn’t suggested it, I wouldn’t have even tried it. He’s usually a good judge of what I like and he missed the mark big time on that one. lol Great comment Janey – thanks for sharing!

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