New Dawn: A Daily Adventure

New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


Stitched PanoramaThere was a time in my life, when I was younger, that getting me out of bed before dawn was akin to Mission Impossible (queue the dramatic techno music now please). That being said, now that I’m older, with more responsibilities and two elementary age children, getting out of bed before dawn is a daily adventure.

In my college days, I frequently would choose classes that didn’t start before 9 a.m. Who would ever want to get up THAT early, on purpose, for school? Yuck! Now I find myself up before the dawn frequently in order to get some extra writing time or just a little peace and quite before I start my day. Waking up seems to take me longer now too. I used to be able to bounce right out of bed. Now it’s a lot more like a stumble.

I greet the morning dawn with bleary eyes and yawns most days but I do greet it at least five days a week. Ironically, I don’t find myself missing sleeping in too much. Sure, there’s the occasional nostalgia for the “good old days” when I was younger (and dumber) but for the most part, I like my life as it is.

Of course, nowadays, college students have it SO much easier. While I didn’t have to walk to school (uphill, in the snow, both ways!), technology these days is giving college students such incredible advantages. Like Amazon’s newest program, have you heard about this? They now have a program just for college students to offer them free unlimited two day shipping (HOORAY for the college student budget) with no minimum order.

I mean, seriously, you can get your textbooks ordered online and shipped to you in two days?! No pawing through empty college bookstore shelves at the last minute? No borrowing a dog-eared version from the college library? That’s fantastic! I wish they’d had that when I was a student! The horror stories I could tell you! And I was organized and prepared!

I look forward to helping our oldest daughter get into this program when she’s ready to start college (hopefully next year). They’re offering a free trial so if you’re a college student, you should definitely sign up. It’s free for the first six months and then they give you 50% off of a prime membership (another fantastic program and one I AM part of).

If you’re not a college student but still want to enjoy Amazon Prime, you can enjoy a free trial on me here. We recently ordered a fabulous Hamilton Beach food processor, and a Black & Decker Juicer so I could make the family’s favorite pico de gallo. Instead of taking 3 hours, it only took me 45 minutes. Awesome products and the shipping savings from the prime membership paid for itself in less than six months.

Anyway, how I got there through a daily post prompt is beyond me but whatever. I guess it’s just the way my mind works. Yes, those are affiliate links and I get a small commission (miniscule really but every little bit helps for this starving dedicated wordsmith) so if you’re looking for those items anyway, why not get them and support someone you know? I doesn’t cost you anything more.

Anyway, time for me to go get some REAL writing work done and stop messing around with this time-sucking whole blogging thing. One of these days I’m going to write a blog post that includes all my self-edits and then you’ll see how truly warped my mind is hard I work on each post. Even the prompt based ones.

Til next time,

-The Rambler


One thought on “New Dawn: A Daily Adventure

  1. Reminds me of my Grandma. When we lived with her while I was in grade school she worked at Litton Industries. But she got up early every morning and I could hear her typing away on her old Royal typewriter. She so wanted to be a writer; I’ve read only parts of what she wrote but it was good; I wish she could have experienced the blogiverse. She’d have rocked the interwebs!

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