A Re-emergence

Five months is a long time to disappear and I must apologize. Not that anyone really missed me, as evidenced by the visits but I don’t blame you. I changed my email address and believe it or not forgot all about my blog. That and life just got in the way, albeit with my permission. So here I am, re-emerging once again. And as a stronger, more confident version of myself. Much has changed in the last five months.

First and foremost, I underwent therapy from February until July twice a week for an hour each session. That’s 48 sessions and 96 hours of therapy. I rarely missed a session if I could help it, even going so far as to do a couple appointments over the phone. We made some great progress and I dealt with some really important issues.

In May our lease was up and we had to move. At the same time, school ended for our two kids, my real estate business was in full swing, and my stepdaughter decided to move back home with her mother (and back into an abusive situation). At 19 that was her choice and to be honest, we were relieved to see her go. We were relieved to be free of the drama, and her verbal abuse of us and the kids.

We moved into a hotel for two months while our rental town home was being renovated and then in mid-June, an uninsured driver rear-ended me on the highway. To say life came to a grinding halt would be an understatement. I was so injured that I couldn’t function for the first week after the accident. My fledgling real estate business fell apart and then was put sort of on hold. I entered physical therapy for neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Two bulged disks, a spine twisted in three placed and a messed up hip kept me very occupied.

Due to pressing financial concerns from the car accident and being unable to work combined with an opportunity so good I would be stupid to turn it down, I started a new job on July 20. That’s restored a lot of balance and stability to life and is part of why I’m able to write at all. I don’t write well under stress and financial worries will kill that in a heartbeat. Now, thirty days into my new job, two real estate closings under my belt, and physical therapy progressing, I’m ready to dive back into all things writing related. I will soon start working with a writing coach on my novel and can’t wait to get started.

So that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll pick this back up again on a regular basis. Right now though I’m off to pick up hubby-to-be from work. And eat. And go to bed to get up at 6 a.m. for work tomorrow.